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The Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program (formerly Section 8) is a federally funded rental assistance program for low-income families, the elderly, and disabled. The HCV program provides eligible families an opportunity to broaden their housing options in the private rental market. The Montgomery Housing Authority (MHA) administers over 3,000 HCV vouchers in Autauga, Elmore and Montgomery Counties. MHA also provides Project-Based rental assistance where the rental assistance is tied to a specific unit. In addition, MHA has several special purpose voucher programs including, Homeownership and Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH). Applicants to the HCV Program must meet a number of requirements detailed in the MHA HCV Administrative Plan.

Waiting list information

The Project-Based Voucher waiting list is currently open. Units under the Project-Based program are currently located at the Plaza at Centennial Hill, 505 Percy Drive, Montgomery, AL 36117. In order to apply for this program, you must submit an online application. To complete an online application, you must register first which requires you to have a valid email address. Click here for instructions.

Moving from another housing authority?

In order to transfer your voucher to Montgomery, Alabama, you must be either a current participant or new admission from another Housing Authority. You must first notify your Housing Authority (referred to as the initial Housing Authority). The initial Housing Authority will determine if you are eligible to port (transfer) to another jurisdiction.

If eligible, your current Housing Authority (initial Housing Authority) must email or mail your portability packet to MHA.

The initial Housing Authority must forward the following documents to MHA:

  1. HUD 52665 Family Portability Form
  2. HUD 50058 Form
  3. Copies of supporting income verification documents
  4. Voucher Holder’s current voucher (voucher must not be expired)
  5. Family contact information, including a valid phone number, email address and mailing address

These documents should be emailed or mailed to:

Montgomery Housing Authority
Attn: Director Assisted Housing Programs
525 S. Lawrence Street
Montgomery, AL 36104
Fax: 334-206-7204
Email: portabilityrequest@mhatoday.org



In the past, landlords have been contacted by persons representing themselves as MHA employees. These culprits are requesting that you verify personal information such as your mailing address, phone number, credit card information and social security number. PLEASE DO NOT PROVIDE THIS INFORMATION. MHA does not request personal information over the telephone.

The caller will also claim that the landlord is REQUIRED to purchase a “landlord manual/handbook” in order to participate in the HCV Program. This is false. We never request or need your credit card number or charge for any of our publications.

The caller ID which appears on your phone shows “SECTION 8 OFFICE”. When you receive a legitimate call from MHA, “SECTION 8 OFFICE” does not appear. If you are in doubt, always contact MHA prior to divulging any information.

Please call the Director of Assisted Housing Program immediately at (334) 206-7181, or email at writeus@mhatoday.org. You may also contact ago.state.al.us for information on how to protect your identity.

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