The Resident Services department is the epicenter of information which strives to improve the quality of life, for residents living within MHA’s affordable housing communities.

Residents are connected to community resources that can assist in several areas including job readiness, education, financial stability, healthy living, and homeownership. Services are available to all public housing residents and Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program participants.

Public housing residents or HCV program participants in need of services may contact the Resident Services Department or complete the Resident Services Referral Form.

Resident Opportunity & Self Sufficiency (ROSS) Program

The Resident Opportunity & Self Sufficiency (ROSS) program is designed to assist public housing residents in making progress towards economic self-sufficiency by establishing and reaching short-term goals. Self-sufficiency is achieved when residents are able to support their household by maintaining financial, housing, and personal/family stability. ROSS Service Coordinators provide a full range of case management services which includes intake, assessment, education, referrals to local service providers, and monitoring. ROSS Coordinators also coordinate educational and/or community events that promote self-sufficiency. Available supportive services include basic education courses, GED preparation and testing, tutoring, afterschool programs, computer skills, soft skills training, job training/placement, career planning, financial literacy, budgeting, and wellness programs.

ROSS Program Goals:

  • Make progress toward economic independence
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for financial assistance
  • Increase earned income
  • Enhance quality of life by connecting residents of all ages to services and community activities

Residents interested in the ROSS Program may contact the Resident Services Department or complete the ROSS Program Interest Form or contact us at 334-387-2746.

Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program

The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program is designed to help public housing residents and HCV program participants become self-sufficient. To be eligible for the FSS Program, residents must reside in public housing or be an HCV program participant for a minimum of one year. This voluntary program serves as a tool to help families decrease their need for housing assistance, by promoting employment and education, encouraging homeownership and creating an atmosphere of self-reliance. FSS Coordinators assist families with establishing both short and long-term goals that will ultimately lead to economic independence. Assessments are completed to determine the needs of all household members. An Individual Training and Services Plan (ITSP) is then developed to outline steps the family should take, and resources needed, to achieve their goals. Typically, the duration of the program is five years. However, goals may be achieved in a shorter time frame. Regular case management is provided by assigned FSS coordinators. Some of the services coordinated through the program include job training, education, vocational training, employment counseling, child care, transportation, financial literacy, and homeownership counseling, among others. Services are provided by local community partners free of charge. One of the benefits of the FSS Program is the escrow account offered to participants. The FSS escrow account is an interest-bearing account established by MHA, on behalf of the FSS participant, where deposits are made throughout the duration of the program, if and when a participant’s rent increases, due to increased earned income.

Program Benefits:

  • Regular case management
  • Services provided at no cost
  • Opportunity to establish an escrow account and accumulate funds that may be used for expenses related to goal completion
  • Graduation and recognition for program completion

Residents interested in the Family Self-Sufficiency Program may contact the Resident Services Department or complete the FSS Program Interest Form and someone will contact you..

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